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Maria Zaretti - 22nd August 2016

Zaretti Nutrition Therapy, Kent, Canterbury, Broadstairs

Maria Zaretti Nutritional Therapy

Maria Zaretti's Nutritional Therapy is all about using nutritional science to get you into optimal health and peak performance.
I run a successful Nutritional Therapy clinic providing one-to-one Nutritional Therapy consultations and also deliver a range of workplace nutrition courses and consultations to organisations and businesses.

Nutritional Therapy Clinic in Canterbury, Kent

  • nutrition - improved energy and stamina levels

    nutrition - improved energy and stamina levels

    nutrition - improved energy and stamina levels
nutrition - improved energy and stamina levelsnutrition - avoid age related problems agingnutrition - boost sports performancenutrition - better emotional and mental balance

A one-to-One Nutritional Therapy consultation with me involves the use of dietary assessment, diet and lifestyle modification, and in some cases food supplements to enable real people, just like you, to realise your health potential.

Identifying the core imbalances (loss of equilibrium) that underlie ill-health situations and supporting the body's equilibrium is the key focus of my work as a Nutritional Therapist. In this way I use Nutritional Therapy to help alleviate a wide range of health issues and promote optimal health.

At my Nutritional Therapy clinics in Canterbury and Deal, Kent, my professional nutritional therapist approach recognises that the nutritional and chemical make-up of each person is unique and so your dietary needs will also therefore vary from my other clients. There is no 'one-size-fits-all', and when I see you, you will get an individualised nutrition programme, which is much more beneficial to you than generic advice you may find elsewhere. Find out more...

Workplace Wellness for Organisations

I provide a variety of Workplace Wellness services and courses as part of your employee welfare scheme aimed at empowering staff to make wiser choices about their diet and lifestyle to help maintain wellbeing at work, increase productivity and reduce absenteeism.