About Me

My Professional Highlights

I am a qualified (BSc, DipION) and experienced Nutritionist (MBANT) & Registered Nutritional Therapist (CNHCReg), educator and speaker. I work one-to-one with clients who have gastrointestinal related health issues and those following a more plant-based diet. As a former academic at the Institute for Optimum Nutrition I helped embed research literacy skills into the curriculum. My passion for science in turn informs my clinical practice and other professional activities.

Where my Passion for Nutrition Began

I have fond memories of childhood, all the family gathered around the table, mum and dad (an Italian chef) serving up a Sunday roast with all the trimmings. They always cooked from scratch; I owe my appreciation for fresh, unprocessed wholefood to them.

Over time all but one of my four siblings became vegetarian or vegan, as did I, igniting my interest in plant-based nutrition.

Finding my Purpose as a Professional Nutritional Therapist

I always wanted to help others.  Over time my desire to help others live healthier lives grew into my passion for nutrition therapy. To fulfill this purpose I needed to master the very foundations of health, those aspects of being human that profoundly affects us all – Breathing, sleeping, eating, hydration and movement. I undertook 6 years of studying nutrition and lifestyle science and clinical practice, gaining first a degree and then a diploma in Nutritional Therapy from the prestigious London Institute for Optimum Nutrition.

Today I use my expertise to help vegans, vegetarians and omnivores to find their best health and vitality. I also work with clients who have gastrointestinal related health issues. I’m a Registered Nutritional Therapist, vegetable garden enthusiast, keen in the kitchen, and an unashamed foodie.

I went back to college as an academic, and helped embed research skills in the curriculum, passing on my passion for science.

My family, now much larger, still regularly gather and feast but these days omnivores, vegetarians & vegans are all catered for with everyone bringing big-flavour sharing dishes cooked from the heart. Food brings us together, even though our dietary preferences differ.

I believe we are all more alike than we different. We all want the same – to live healthy vibrant lives – and I can show you how!

‘My passion is to help you live a healthy, vibrant life, starting with the right nutrition‘

Maria Zaretti BSc. DipION mBANT CNHCreg