Welcome! I look forward to supporting your journey towards a healthier more vibrant life. If you’re ready to book, or simply want to find out more, getting in touch is really easy.

Step 1. Complementary Call with Maria

Are you ready for a healthier more vibrant life?  I offer a complementary 10-minute call to discuss your health goals and how I may help. or 07791 930391

Step 2. Book a Consultation

One-to-one consultations are held at my clinics in Canterbury (CT1) or Deal (CT14), via phone or online.

Initial Consultation (90 minutes, £125.00)

  • Thorough case history & analysis
  • Bespoke nutrition and lifestyle plan (sent post-consultation)
  • Recommended tests (if applicable) (sent-post consultation)
  • 15 minutes free post-consultation support by phone or email

Step 3. Book a Follow-up(s)

Follow-up Consultation (60 minutes, £90.00)

  • Monitor your response to your bespoke plan
  • Explain test results (if applicable)
  • Adjust your bespoke plan depending on test results and your responsiveness (sent post-consultation)
  • Personalised supplement plan (if applicable) (sent-post consultation)
  • 15 minutes free post-consultation support by phone or email

Please bear in mind:

Everybody is different which means your consultation process may vary to meet your individual needs.

Food supplements and/or laboratory tests recommended are subject to separate charge, I will discuss these costs with you during your consultation.

What to Expect from your Consultation

Generally before your consultation I’ll ask you to complete a questionnaire and food diary to help me analyse your health.

When we meet we will talk though your history, family history, environmental, and lifestyle factors to help me uncover the root causes of your health issues and symptoms. I may use research and suggest particular tests to help me hunt out what ever is holding you back from full health.

Working together in a therapeutic relationship we’ll tailor your bespoke nutrition and lifestyle plan to address the causes of your loss of wellness and personalised to your preferences and way of life. This is a targeted plan to help you to achieve your health goals in a realistic and achievable way.

Specific food supplements may be recommended in conjunction with nutrition and lifestyle changes.

Practical support (therapeutic meal and/or recipe ideas) is provided to start you on the path to positive vitality, post-consultation support is provided to help keep you on track towards a healthier more vibrant life.

‘Coming to see you has been the best investment in my future health and wellbeing that I could possibly have made. My only regret is that I did not do it sooner. Thank you.’


How Many Sessions will you Need?

Based on experience, I usually recommend two or three visits spread over two to three months to ensure best results from your bespoke nutrition and lifestyle plan. This typically includes a 90-minute initial consultation plus one or two 60-minute follow-up consultations, but some people need more or less follow-up support depending on their symptoms and health goals.

If you prefer my nutritional support to be little but often, shorter and more frequent follow-ups (30 minutes every two to three weeks) are an alternative to the usual 60-minute follow-up. Shorter follow-ups are available by phone and online only.

When you Want to Know More

It’s natural that you may have other questions about what to expect from the process and how I can help you live a healthier life. There’s lots of information on this site and when you book in for your complimentary call you’ll have the opportunity to find out more about how nutritional therapy may help you achieve your health goals. or 07791 930391