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Maria Zaretti - 22nd August 2016

Zaretti Nutrition Therapy, Kent, Canterbury, Broadstairs

Some biological imbalances I typically address in my nutritional therapy consultations.

1. Environment and 'lifestyle' imbalances addressed

In modern life we tend to lead less physically demanding lives in which food is abundant, but not always nutritious.  Sedentary lifestyle, poor eating habits and other influences such as stress, infection, toxins and physical trauma can create imbalances, triggering a cascade of metabolic changes and dysfunctions and increasing our risk of developing chronic conditions with potentially life-threatening consequences.

But long before sickness manifests early warning signs that your body is struggling to maintain metabolic equilibrium may manifest including:

  • changing weight or shape
  • tiredness and poor concentration
  • feeling as if 'running on adrenaline'
  • experiencing cravings for  sweet or stimulating foods

to name a few.

Maria believes in a preventative approach to illness and addressing the early warning signs of metabolic imbalance and guides her clients towards food and lifestyle choices that promote wellness now for a healthier future.  She also works with clients for whom 'lifestyle' imbalances are more progressed.

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