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Maria Zaretti - 22nd August 2016

Zaretti Nutrition Therapy, Kent, Canterbury, Broadstairs

Some biological imbalances I typically address in my nutritional therapy consultations.

2. Gut and digestive system imbalances alleviated

The digestive tract is a key component of your overall state of vibrant well-being. Digestive processes include the digestion and absorption of nutrients, elimination of wastes and the ecosystem (microbes) of the gut. An imbalance at any stage of this process, or loss of structural integrity of the digestive tract, can result in gastrointestinal imbalance. This can be distressing or sometimes detrimental to a persons health-related quality of life, and may eventually lead to the development of more serious health issues. 

Modern daily living massively impacts gastrointestinal health and function and there is much Maria can do as a Nutritional Therapist to identify the nature of a person's gastrointestinal imbalance, and to help restore gastrointestinal equilibrium and alleviate symptoms  through the recommendation of specific foods and food supplements if needed.

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