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Maria Zaretti - 22nd August 2016

Zaretti Nutrition Therapy, Kent, Canterbury, Broadstairs

Some biological imbalances I typically address in my nutritional therapy consultations.

6. Regulating your hormones and neurotransmitters

Your hormone and neurotransmitter systems, when operating in perfect health, ensure you enjoy optimal energy levels, a healthy and regulated blood sugar balance, emotional and psychological well-being, a state of optimal gastrointestinal health and tolerance to a wide range of foods and food groups. Imbalances in the over- or -under-functioning of the various organs and glands and their related messenger molecules can impact our physiological and psychological health in a number of ways.

Maria's role as your Nutritional Therapist is to help optimise your diet and lifestyle to reduce imbalances and restore hormonal and neurotransmitter equilibrium so you feel good and your body and mind perform optimally.   Maria has a special interest hormone related changes with different life stages (starting a family, menopause, older age and skeletal care) and the body's changing nutritional needs at these stages.

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