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Maria Zaretti - 22nd August 2016

Zaretti Nutrition Therapy, Kent, Canterbury, Broadstairs

Your Benefits of Nutritional Therapy

Eating and drinking is indispensable, pleasurable, and allows us to take part in the community - it can make us happy and healthy. We talk about food, write and reflect on food and hardly a day goes by without food being in the news, or some new research finding is published. It is a hugely significant and evolving subject. Remember the old saying... "you are what you eat!".

A Wealth of Nutrition Information

Maria Zaretti Nutrition for health and performance - food With so much information available it is easy to become overwhelmed, refuse to acknowledge, or simply not have time to figure out what's best for you to eat in terms of supporting your health. For many this can result in poor food choices made habitually, in the absence of full understanding, or in a rush. This means that, as well as the potential to make us happy and healthy, the reverse is also true, that what we eat and drink can also make us feel unwell.

I came to Nutrition through a desire to help people just like you to get the best from yourselves naturally. I am passionate about assisting people to understand the amazing inter-play between the food and drink they consume and their body, and the role of Nutrition in supporting and improving their health.

I actively encourage the proactive participation of my clients in managing their health optimisation because when you are engaged in your own healing process it is very empowering and speeds up your progress towards better health.

Maria Zaretti Nutrition for health and performance - foodI also understand the barriers you may face towards eating more healthily and the importance of personalised guidance to encourage and support you in overcoming these obstacles. With my help you can nurture your own health and well-being. My guidance may include practical support such as personalised meal suggestions and information sheets to help you make changes. To help keep you on track with their positive changes my clients who attend my clinic are encouraged to keep in touch in between sessions.

I am continually inspired by my clients' courage and determination to boost their health naturally and am proud to facilitate this in my role as their Nutritional Therapist.