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Maria Zaretti - 22nd August 2016

Zaretti Nutrition Therapy, Kent, Canterbury, Broadstairs

What my clients say

Nutrition Success Stories...

Becoming Vegan

We just really wanted to thank you for your advice which we found really interesting and have been reaping the benefits of veganism, thank for helping us start our vegan journey.

H & L, SE Kent.
Helping reduce chronic pain

You were the first health professional I'd met in 25years who was prepared to investigate the possible causes of my long term condition. With a series of researched formulations that led to us altering my diet and using specific supplements, I saw a gradual and significant improvement over an 18month period. Experiencing far less pain means I can continue my career and be more socially active. And, crucially, my sleep pattern improved massively, making challenges in life more manageable, travelling more tolerable. Whilst they have not disappeared, my pains have reduced significantly, that's all down to you. Thank you so much Maria.

M.H. Kent
Managing a history of eating disorders

With a history of Anorexia Nervosa I have seen countless nutritionists and Maria Zaretti is by far the best. Maria approaches nutrition as a facet to total health, listening to my concerns and helping set goals that focus on both the specific and bigger picture. Under Maria's guidance I was able to increase the range of food I consume, greatly improve my flexibility surrounding meals, as well as maintain a healthy bmi. In addition to the need to maintain weight, Maria understood that chronic gastrointestinal symptoms such as bloating and constipation were contributing to poor body image and food issues. In turn she suggested a variety of aids to support optimal digestion and absorption of nutrients. I look forward to sessions with Maria. She goes above and beyond to ensure a natural, healthy, balanced body.

S.M. Canterbury
Nutritional Therapy changes lives

You have changed [our] lives for the better. We are extremely grateful.

S.S and S.J. Kent
Reducing cravings for stimulants and alcohol

I was out of sync, finding it difficult to get up in the mornings, lacked energy, and was heavily relying on stimulants including tea and coffee and alcohol. I had convinced myself that the caffeine and alcohol were giving me energy or in the case of alcohol helping me to relax and cope with stress, but deep down I knew this was flawed and I knew i needed to do something. However I didn't know what to do or why. In short, I was stuck. Then I was recommended Maria.

In just two sessions Maria Zaretti has transformed my life. This might sound like a dramatic overstatement but it's entirely true. I have so much more energy, am no longer out of sync, I feel fantastic and my stress levels have massively decreased. I'm now completely in control of how much tea, coffee and alcohol I drink and this too has really helped me. Maria has helped me to understand and improve my diet. An added bonus has been Maria's willingness to take a holistic look at my lifestyle. I now exercise most days of the week and i'm really enjoying feeling fit and healthy. I can't thank Maria enough for her advice and insights, she comes highly recommended.

After careful analysis of my diet and lifestyle Maria was very quickly able to assess and identify what I was actually doing to my body. Her personalised approach suited me and I felt she had really listened to me. I would recommend Nutritional Therapy to anybody and particularly Maria Zaretti.  

S.S. Kent
Alleviating excessive wind

I contacted Maria after stumbling across her Website, whilst looking 
for a solution to my 'windy problem'. I had been suffering with
excessive wind for a few years & was beginning to feel that nothing
would help me.

I had tried all the obvious things to no avail. After just two sessions 
with Maria I feel like a new woman!!

Her advice is excellent, easy to follow and I really felt like she 
cared, I would definitely recommend her to my friends and family.

A.H. Kent
Balancing hormones, depression, over-weight

Having made the decision to take control of my health and having been referred to Maria by a friend, I am over the moon with the results. I felt better within days of changing by eating habits and the plan Maria suggested was simple, effective and to my surprise enjoyable!

C.N. Kent
Pre-Menstrual Syndrome (PMS) and depression with Nutritional Therapy

I decided to see a nutritionist because I was suffering from terrible PMS symptoms. I was depressed, emotional, suffered terrible mood swings and had just about had enough.

After talking to Maria I felt for the first time someone was actually listening to me, unlike my GP who just wanted to put me on anti-depressants.

After just a few weeks of following the nutritional advice I felt better and after a month I felt like a new women. My life has changed for the better in so many ways just by altering what I eat.

It was excellent value for money and I would recommend it to anyone.

R.R. Canterbury
Individualised and achievable advice

I thought your advice was brilliant!  Thank you for giving me clear, logical info and achievable suggestions...

B.A. Kent
Managing dis-ordered eating / sports nutrition

For many years I've had an unhealthy relationship with food and exercise; always counting calories, avoiding foods which I considered naughty, using food as a reward, and using exercise to balance out my calorie intake and visa versa. As a result I generally felt lacking in energy, bloated and sometimes dizzy. I visited Maria for Nutritional advice at a time when I felt ready for positive changes and she has helped me with a healthy eating plan that makes me feel comfortable in the knowledge that I am eating in a way that is appropriate to my body's needs, lifestyle and exercise demands, that also helps normalise my weight so that I can let go of my unhealthy food habits. I no longer feel dizzy, and my bloating has improved, but most of all I have noticed that I have so much more energy. In fact, I even beat my race time personal best by 10 minutes which I put down to Maria's nutritional help - another benefit that I did not even expect!

J.L. Faversham
Nutrition for bone and joint health

Working in IT I've suffered from RSI problems in the joints of my fingers for years and more recently it got to the point where I was spending most of my free time resting them, just to be able to get through the next working day.

A friend suggested I try the nutrition route so after seeing Maria for a couple of consultations I can say my fingers have made a definite improvement.  Just basic things like... which foods are best to avoid or what to eat more of and knowing their benefits on the body is really useful. Although my fingers are not perfect they do recover in days now, where as before it was weeks, and cause me a lot less discomfort, allowing me to spend more of my free time doing the things I enjoy.

A.B. Dover
Vegetarian who wanted to bulk up for sport...

Thanks for all your input Maria. I really liked that you got the fact that I'm a veggie and I'm not willing to compromise my values and without having to take loads of bulking agents or unnatural stuff you managed to help me increase my protein intake and get rid of some fat too. I'm definitely leaner and I've put on over 1/2 stone while loosing fat! So thanks again. To be honest I considered myself pretty well informed and healthy but working with you was a real (and good) education into my eating habits and styles and I'd recommend you to anyone who, like me, is looking to stay in shape and keep it lean. I didn't really get how important nutrition was and it was pointless me going to the gym loads when I hadn't got the nutrition right! Anyway keep up the good work and I'm enjoying my new found enjoyment of healthy eating! Thanks!

P. Kent.
Nutrition to boost energy levels

I went for a consultation with Maria at a time when I felt there were days when I wasn't 100% and lacked energy. I found the initial consultation process very straightforward and the commitment required on my part was to keep a food diary and this was relatively easy.

The diet and supplement changes suggested by Maria were very easy to implement and now, I do feel more energised and if go through moments when this is not the case, I know what steps to take to fix this.
As an added benefit of going to see Maria is that I have a better awareness of how my diet affects my general well-being.

E.G. Canterbury
Nutrition for wellbeing

A big 'thank you' for your help, guidance and support during my two sessions with you which I have found to be extremely helpful.  I am still following your instructions and advice and am feeling much better so I have a lot to thank you for!

I found your manner and the way in which you carried out my case to be really professional yet at the same time you put me at ease and made me feel comfortable and you also made me feel that my health and well-being were as important to yourself as they were to me.

Thank you once.

M.J. Orpington
Nutrition to overcome specific health problems

I had seen other nutritionists in the past who had failed to help me. Then I went to see Maria.

She was very focused on trying to help me and took a thorough approach to understanding and assessing the complexity of health problems I was facing.
She used testing strategically to guide her therapy and didn’t just go on 'hunches' and the advice she gave me was realistic and manageable. I very much enjoy our sessions and am grateful for the positive impact that her guidance has had on my health and my life. I highly and enthusiastically recommend Maria Zaretti as Nutritionist.


A.C. London